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    Kevin Fountain

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  • Media Guides

    General Media Guide

    General media guidelines, contact information, and historical information about Little League® Baseball and Softball.

    Download File size: 5 MB General Media Guide .pdf

    LLBWS Media Guide

    Information and guidelines specific to the Little League Baseball® World Series in Williamsport, Pa.

  • World Series Credential Requests

    Media credential information for each of Little League’s seven World Series events can be found below. Additional questions can be emailed to

    Credential information for Little League Baseball and Softball Regional events should be directed to the tournament director of the respective event.

  • Little League Baseball World Series Media

    Members of the media looking to attend the Little League Baseball World Series in South Williamsport, Pa., should visit the LLBWS Media Resources Page. All information, including credential applications and the LLBWS Media Guide, are available there.

    LLBWS Media Information

  • From LLBWS to MLB

    More than 50 Little League Baseball World Series graduates have gone on to play in Major League Baseball. Boog Powell (1954 LLBWS) is the first to play in the MLB World Series in 1966; Ed Vosberg (1973 LLBWS), Jason Varitek (1984 LLBWS), and Michael Conforto (2004 LLBWS) are the only three to also play in the MLB and College World Series; Yusmeiro Petit (1994 LLBWS) is the first to be on teams that have won both Little League Baseball and MLB World Series (2014 with the San Francisco Giants). In 2015, Lloyd McClendon (1971 LLBWS) and Kevin Cash (1989 LLBWS) became the first two LLBWS graduates to manage against each other in an MLB game, and Todd Frazier (1998 LLBWS) became the first to win the MLB Home Run Derby in 2015.

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  • Notable Little League Graduates

    Little League has seen more than 40 million honored graduates, including political leaders, professional athletes, award-winning artists, and a variety of other influential members of society.

    Some of these influential members include President George W. Bush, Sen. Bill Bradley, Vice President Dan Quayle, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, actor Kevin Costner, Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan, singer Bruce Springsteen, and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will.

    Notable Graduates

  • Radio/TV/Streaming

    Little League® International is the only body that can authorize or disallow the webcasting, televising or radio broadcasting of regular season, Special Games, or tournament games. A contract (provided below) for these games must originate with the local District Administrator, tournament director, or local Little League president.

    No telecast, broadcast, or webcast of any Little League Baseball or Softball game (in any division) can take place unless the proper contract is completed and approved. This applies to all productions, even if they are unsupported by advertising or sponsorship.

    (Note: For contracts not linked to Regional and World Series Tournaments, contact the Little League International Communications Department in Williamsport at 570-326-1921, Ext. 2238; or write the Director of Publicity, Chris Downs, at

    Regular Season Contracts

    Tournament Contracts

  • Trademark Protection

    Little League Baseball, Incorporated, more commonly referred to as “Little League”, is a federally-chartered corporation to which Congress has granted the exclusive right and owner of the following trademarks, service marks and other designations.

    “Little League” is an official registered trademark of Little League Baseball, Inc., and also listed in the AP Styleguide. The phrase may only be used when referencing Little League International or a local program that is affiliated with Little League International. It cannot be used as a generic term to refer to any other youth sports activity.

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  • Logo/Trademark Usage Request

    If you are interested in using our trademark(s) for creative entertainment purposes (literary work, television, motion picture, theatrical arts, or etc.), Little League Baseball requires that any entity or entities must request legal permission, plus complete a licensing application, and answer a questionnaire.

    Apply Here

    Little League Baseball, Incorporated, more commonly referred to as “Little League”, is a federally-chartered corporation to which Congress has granted the exclusive right and owner of the following trademarks, service marks and other designations: LITTLE LEAGUE, LITTLE LEAGUER, LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL, SENIOR LEAGUE LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL, LITTLE LEAGUE SOFTBALL, LITTLE LEAGUE CHALLENGER DIVISION, LL, LLB, and the Little League Emblems or logos (e.g. keystone patch, Character, Courage and Loyalty logo), among others. Collectively these are referred to as the Little League Trademarks, which identify its products and services in the United States and other countries including Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia, among others.

    The use of the Little League Trademarks by any person, organization, or business entity in an unauthorized fashion is strictly prohibited, as it is classified and defined as a misuse (infringement) of Little League’s trademark rights.

    Please note that any unauthorized use of these aforementioned marks is considered an infringement violation and is subject to legal arbitration. Little League has the authority to seek injunctive relief to remedy such situations if misuse actions continue to become a state of punitive and/or detrimental consequences.

  • Photo/Logo Request

    Photo/logo requests pertaining to Little League International and the Little League Baseball World Series should be made by emailing Kevin Fountain, Director of Media Relations, at

    Please note that these photos and logo may only be used for editorial purposes for coverage pertaining to Little League International and/or the Little League Baseball World Series. They should not be transformed, distributed, or resold in anyway. And may never be used for promotional purposes.

    Please credit: Courtesy of Little League Baseball and Softball.

  • Public Service Announcements

    Each year since 2007, Little League public service announcements (PSAs) have been seen on the ESPN family of networks.

    The PSAs, either 15 or 30 seconds each, comprise a campaign to increase interest in Little League Baseball and Softball, and to educate the public on the benefits of Little League participation.

    The campaign is part of Little League’s television contract with ESPN that extends the relationship between the world’s largest youth sports program and the world’s leader in sports television.

    Several of the spots also were sent to every District Administrator, so that they might be used by local television stations.

    You can see these PSAs and other videos produced for/by Little League at

  • Appearance of Little Leaguers in the Media

    Any use of the Little League® trademarks (including the words “Little League®,” “Little Leaguer®,” “Little League Baseball®,” “Little League Softball®,” and other variations, logos, marks, and phrases) in non-editorial work must be approved in writing by Little League International.

    Children identified as Little Leaguers, either verbally or by inference, MUST NOT appear in any creative, non-news story form of media, television, print, social, or otherwise, in videos (other than home videos for personal use, and not to be sold), in motion pictures, or in any advertisement whatsoever, without the expressed written consent of Little League International. The broadcasting or live-streaming of any local Little League program’s regular or tournament season games must adhere to the policies outlined in the current year’s rulebook.

    Credentialed news agencies may record or photograph Little League activities for the sole purpose of creating and distributing news stories pertaining to the local league. No news agency may sell any photos or videos without written consent of Little League International.

    Official Guidelines