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Baseball Hall of Famers Who Played Little League

Members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame Who Played Little League Baseball (36)

(Year of Baseball Hall of Fame induction)

* Little League Hall of Excellence enshrine

Roberto Alomar (2011)
Jeff Bagwell (2017)
Harold Baines (2019)
Wade Boggs (2005)
George Brett (1999)
Steve Carlton (1994)
Gary Carter (2003)
Bobby Cox (2014)
Rollie Fingers (1992)
Tom Glavine (2014)
Roy Halladay (2019)
Todd Helton (2024)
Trevor Hoffman (2018)
Derek Jeter (2020)
Randy Johnson (2015)
Chipper Jones (2018)
Greg Maddux (2014)
Edgar Martinez (2019)
Joe Mauer (2024)
Fred McGriff (2023)
Mike Mussina (2019)*
Jim Palmer (1990)*
Mike Piazza (2016)
Cal Ripken, Jr. (2007)*
Mariano Rivera (2019)*
Ivan Rodriguez (2017)
Scott Rolen (2023)
Nolan Ryan (1999)*
Mike Schmidt (1995)*
Tom Seaver (1992)*
Ted Simmons (2020)
Don Sutton (1998)
Frank Thomas (2014)
Joe Torre (2014)
Carl Yastrzemski (1989)
Robin Yount (1999)

NOTE: If you know of a Little League graduate who is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, or notice any incorrect information, please e-mail the information, including name, notable achievements/recognitions, and the name of the city or town where they played Little League, to [email protected].