Awards Program

Each year, Little League® recognizes individuals for their commitment to, and participation in, the Little League program. We encourage our parents, volunteers, players, and coaches to recognize those dedicated individuals from your District or local league by nominating them for the respective awards listed below.

Recognizing Community Heroes

In Little League®, everyone has a position to play and it’s the more than one million dedicated volunteers who help make the Little League experience so memorable in communities all over the world. From first responders who take time to drive the fire truck in your Opening Ceremonies to the dedicated teacher who spends time volunteering in your concession stand each summer, every Little League program has a community hero who helps to inspire Little Leaguers® and rally the community together. Help us recognize those community heroes who not only support your local Little League program, but also serve as tremendous role models within your community by submitting the nomination form below. Based on the nominations received, Little League International will recognize a number of these individuals on its official social media platforms (@LittleLeague) and leagues are encouraged to share these stories on their platforms as well using #LLCommunityHero.


Volunteers and players have been writing the story of Little League since 1939. By recognizing members of your league, you help demonstrate the benefits and values of volunteerism, family, and sportsmanship, and share the next chapter in the Little League story.

While Little League International is currently evaluating its future Awards Program, individuals are encouraged to submit individuals through our Community Heroes nomination form for potential recognition.

Local League Recognition Awards

  • Volunteer and Player Recognition

    During these challenging times, Little League® wants to recognize the incredible volunteers and players who are playing an important role in keeping our communities safe during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. From league volunteers who serve as essential workers risking their lives on the front line, to the dedicated Little Leaguers® making masks and other protective equipment for their community, join us in celebrating these individuals by submitting a nomination below. Little League will recognize a number of these individuals on its official social media platform (@LittleLeague) and leagues are encouraged to share these stories on their platforms as well.

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  • Volunteer

    Established in 1989, the Little League® Volunteer of the Year Award was created to recognize the countless hours of volunteer service that millions of volunteers put in to assure that their Little League can thrive and provide a fun, rewarding experience for all.

  • Softball Volunteer

    The Little League Softball® Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to developing a Little League Softball program in their community or district. The individual should be an active Little League volunteer in good standing, who is committed to the ideals and goals of the Little League® program.

  • Urban Initiative Volunteer

    The Howard and Gail Paster Little League® Urban Initiative Volunteer of the Year Award was created to recognize the vital volunteer service being performed in urban settings around the country. This award acknowledges an adult volunteer, involved with a Little League program participating in the Urban Initiative, who has provided a positive experience for the children and adults within the league’s metropolitan neighborhood or community.

  • Challenger

    The Little League Challenger Division® Award recognizes an individual whose loyal support and inspired volunteer commitment allows physically and intellectually challenged youth the opportunity to enjoy the full benefits of the Little League® program through participation in the Challenger Division.

  • Good Sport

    The Little League® Good Sport of the Year is designed to honor Little Leaguers® who exhibit the values of Little League, exhibit sportsmanship in every aspect of the game, and inspire those around him or her to Play, Dream, and Rally. These children learn what it means to truly be part of a team and conduct themselves accordingly to the principles of fair play and good sportsmanship.

  • Mom

    The Little League® Mom of the Year was created to recognize those mothers who have volunteered countless hours to their child’s participation in the Little League program. Their singular motivation is that their children have the opportunity to learn the value of teamwork, fair play, discipline, and enjoy the excitement and fun of spring and summer days on a Little League field.

Additional Honors and Recognition

In addition to its local league and district awards, Little League® recognizes those who have contributed to the betterment of the Little League program through their participation and volunteer efforts with the following awards.