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Make the story of little league® your own

The story of Little League® began nearly a century ago. And it’s up to us to write the latest installment in an epic series, every time we play. We all share the story of Little League, and when we add to it, when we make it our own, we make it even better. Because we know this: the greatest stories aren’t open and shut. The greatest tales ever told aren’t contained between two covers —they happen on this field. So, write your chapter. Whether it’s your first, or your greatest. Create your story. Live Your Series.

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OUR FAVORITE pastime has never been more present

For generations, the Little League program has been bringing communities and families together all around the world, and our story has never been more prevalent than it is today thanks to the dedication of our volunteers and the fun and excitement our players bring each and every day.

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stories Inspired by our Fun Value

Every game, every season.

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