Come together and play.

A player-led, unstructured opportunity for local Little League® programs to provide a fun, relaxed, activity for baseball and softball players, where kids make the rules, make the lineups, and make the calls.

Check out these guidelines, tips, and rules for your local league to organize a Little League Sandlot Fun Days event in your community. For questions, suggestions, or advice, please contact Little League Support.

How to play?

Ditch the rulebooks (for the most part). It’s up to the players. This is their game. It’s their decision. Give them the bats, balls, and field, and let them play. They could divide evenly into teams and play a structured game. They could rotate through pitching and hitting and running without a formal defense on the field. They can use a continuous batting order.


Sandlot Fun Days FAQ's

Don’t forget, Sandlot Fun Days events are fun. How many times have you heard children at your league ask “can I go play?” Providing Little League Sandlot Fun Days event opportunities give families an option to have their children participate in an approved, unstructured, activity that’s sole focus is the enjoyment of the player.