ONE TEAM. ONE little league.®

As a community-based organization, every Little League program may look or feel unique in its own way, but no matter what field you play on, all of us are unified by one common identity. Together, we are all One Team. One Little League., and it’s our responsibility to stress teamwork and the importance of dreaming big and doing our best, together.

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Take the Field. Together.

Team means everything here, and by working together, we can bring out the best in all of us. So, give players a safe place to grow. Take away the tee, and see what’s possible. Teach them to stand up for themselves and others —not just in the big moments, but in the little ones, too. Extend the moment to the car ride home, the dinner table, and the years down the road. Leave a legacy of time spent outside, making memories, and making contact. Most of all, step up to the plate and be a part of this epic team that connects communities all around the world.

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stories Inspired by our TEAMWORK Value

All together, now.