During the preseason, the opportunity for the local Little League® to market and promote itself is at its highest point.

A strong volunteer base is at the center of every successful Little League program. From coaches to board members to umpires, every volunteer plays a part in providing a great Little League experience. With today’s busy schedules, recruiting volunteers can be a challenge, but when done successfully will help take your program to the next level.

Step 1: Identify Volunteer Position Needs and Define Roles

The Board determines how many positions need to be filled in advance of the season. When identifying positions, be sure to define the role and responsibilities of that position. This will help potential volunteers know what to expect and help the league measure the success of the individual filling that position.

Step 2: Identify Sources to Recruit Volunteers

Most volunteers within your league will be parents of participants; however, there are other areas to which your league can turn to look for volunteers.

  • Service Organizations
  • Local Businesses
  • Leadership Programs
  • High Schools and Colleges

Step 3: Prepare To Reach Out To Potential Volunteers

When asking someone to volunteer their time, there are several factors you will want to keep in mind. This includes clearly defining volunteer roles and positions plus what motivates individuals to volunteer. Be prepared to promote to individuals why they should volunteer, which is different from player registration promotion.

Step 4: Recruiting Volunteers

There are numerous opportunities to reach out to volunteers, one of the best being registration, tryouts, or other in-person opportunities. When conducting an event, talk with parents about positions that need to be filled; when conducting an online registration, make sure there is an opportunity for parents to sign up to help out in a volunteer capacity. Make sure your in-person events are conducted in a positive, welcoming environment that family members want to be a part of.

Step 5: Volunteer Recognition

An important part of keeping volunteers engaged and motivated is recognizing their efforts throughout the year. Whether your league holds a Volunteer Recognition Ceremony or creates special pins and other tokens of appreciation, consider creating opportunities to recognize and thank your volunteers. Showing appreciation for volunteers is crucial to a league’s longevity.