Little League® University Offers Immediate Access to Educational Content

One year after its successful launch, Little League® University removes its sign-in portal to provide immediate access to educational content.

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Following the one-year anniversary of the launch of Little League® University, Little League Baseball and Softball has announced the removal of the sign-in portal of the website to help provide immediate access to thousands of pieces of educational content.

“Our sincerest thanks to all of those who have logged in and created a free user profile,” said Nick Caringi, Little League Senior Director of Operations and Education. “We trust that your time visiting the Little League University website has been an enjoyable, informative, and an educational experience and hope that you now have an easier and broader access to the vast amount of information available.”

Since the launch of Little League University in November 2015, thousands of users have signed up to visit the tens of thousands of educational resources that are available.

With the new change, visitors of Little League University that type in to their browser will immediately be loaded to the home page where they will have the ability to access and search the entire website.

For those members that already have a profile on Little League University, the information that was available for their respective role will still be available, as well as the resources that were previously searchable by category, topic, or by using the “search” function.

With the removal of the sign-in page, the content for District Administrators (D.A.) and Assistant District Administrators (A.D.A.s) that was once only available to those assigned to the respective roles, will now become available to everyone. Just like the Parent, Umpire, Coach, and League Officials tabs, the District Admin/A.D.A tab is updated regularly throughout the year with an assortment of information that features video presentations, articles, and documents.

Little League International and its Regional staffs are continuing to work diligently to ensure that visitors will be greeted with a well-rounded, relevant, timely, and robust repository of educational information and training materials.