Gloversville Little League Puts the Little League® Tee Ball Program in Action

In 2012, Gloversville (N.Y.) Little League® was looking to shake up its league and find new, innovative ways to give the boys and girls in their community a great Little League experience. What they found was Little League’s new Tee Ball Program. Now, more players than ever are playing and learning the fun, fitness, and fundamentals of Tee Ball.

“The Tee Ball Division at Gloversville Little League is designed to provide all children with the opportunity to experience and participate in game situations, as well as, fun-filled, fast-paced instructional practices,” said R.J. Strauser, Gloversville Little League President.

The Gloversville program is built specifically to keep these young players engaged, participating, and moving. Gloversville takes the building blocks of the program, and uses them in every practice. Games and practices both last between 45 minutes and 1 hour, 15 minutes on average.

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To, ensure that everyone is working on skills but also gets the kids out there just playing and having fun, each team practices one night a week and plays one game per week. Practices are held at the Gloversville Little League fields and use the Little League Tee Ball Program as a guide. This helps to set the foundation for further baseball and softball experiences without sacrificing the fun of playing with friends.

For the Tee Ball games, score is not kept, and all the players have the opportunity to hit off and play in the field. Additionally, all the infielders and outfielders switch positions halfway through the game, so every child stays engaged and experiences as many different positions as possible.

This format helps keep the youngest Little Leaguers engaged and happy.

“It is the belief of the [Gloversville Little League] that at this young of a level it is imperative to keep the children moving, engaged, learning and most importantly having fun,” said Mr. Strauser.