Little League® International Enhances Strategic Initiatives with the Strengthening of its Organizational Identity, New Focus ON Philanthropy and Social Impact

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As Little League® International continues to focus on bringing an accessible and enjoyable program for the future generations of children, families, and communities, two new strategic efforts will directly support its programs both now and in the future – the strengthening of a clearly defined Organizational Identity and the establishment of a new Philanthropy and Social Impact Department.

Organizational Identity

Following the launch of its refreshed brand identity in 2020, which included a newly defined mission as well as updated logos and messaging, Little League embarked on strengthening its foundation and establishing a clearly defined Organizational Identity that spells out the purpose, vision, mission, and values for the entire organization, as guided by the Little League International Board of Directors. The Organizational Identity will be used to guide future decision-making, strategic planning, and to establish a stronger connection with the next generation of Little League families and volunteers as we work to serve the communities we support.


“Our updated Organizational Identity reflects our continued commitment to our purpose and mission, while more clearly defining our vision and values. These changes are intended to help us do a better job reaching future generations of Little League participants,” said Steven P. Johnson, Little League International Board of Directors Chairman. “For example, the updated Organizational Identity clarifies our purpose, helps us strive to achieve our vision, sharpens our focus on our mission, and demonstrates our commitment to living out our values each and every day to assure a better Little League experience for all.”

Below are the four core elements of the new Organizational ID:

  • Purpose: To positively impact youth and communities.
  • Vision: As the world’s preeminent and most respected youth sports organization, we will inspire and shape future generations.
  • Mission: Little League believes in the power of youth baseball and softball to teach life lessons that build stronger individuals and communities.
  • Values: Our values are the traits we value in one another. These are the fundamental beliefs we strive to embody every day:
    • Teamwork: We believe that teamwork is the shared efforts of individuals, characterized by trust, commitment, and communication, in pursuit of common goals.
    • Community: We are committed to the development and growth of community within Little League.
    • Inclusion: We prioritize inclusion as the intentional part of our culture, which is created when we provide equitable opportunities, access, and respect for individual differences and perspectives.
    • Fun: We cultivate fun through enjoyable, memorable, and safe experiences, which result in a sense of belonging and individual growth.
    • Integrity: We act with respect, honesty, and integrity in all that we do.
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“As the world’s largest and most respected organized youth sports program, we all share a deep responsibility to continue to find ways to enhance our offerings to provide the best possible experience,” said Mr. Johnson. “As we look ahead to the future and the continued evolution of our strategic plan, the updated Organizational Identity and the new Philanthropy and Social Impact Department will set our organization up for success and provide thousands of our communities with the guidance, support, and resources they need to create the next chapter in the Little League story.”

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Philanthropy and Social Impact

In a continued strategic effort to bring additional resources and support to its 6,500 local leagues around the world, and in coordination with the establishment of its new Organizational Identity, Little League International has announced the establishment of a new department focused on overseeing Philanthropy and Social Impact for the organization.

Through a dedicated philanthropic effort, Little League will be better positioned to tackle the multitude of opportunities to better serve its communities, and to initiate programs that provide direct resources to local leagues, participants, families, and local communities.


This strategic focus allows the organization to generate and allocate resources more efficiently, and as part of this effort, Little League will be focused on using philanthropic engagement to enhance initiatives that will generate additional participation and strengthen the experience for participants, families, and communities. This funding support will enable the organization to have a direct impact to communities and families through grants, funding, training, and other resources.

“For nearly a century, local Little League programs have been the bedrock of countless communities around the world, offering children the opportunity to play, grow, and learn life lessons they will remember for the rest of their lives. While we have been committed to finding ways to support our leagues through our amazing partners and business relationships for more than 80 years, we must continue to find new ways to support the needs of our leagues and families more directly. The establishment of this department serves as an important first step in this effort,” said Mr. Johnson. “Through this initiative, we will be able to address many of the barriers to entry our leagues and communities are facing while providing new resources to millions of our volunteers who help us shape the lives of Little Leaguers in communities all around the world.”

While more details about Little League’s Philanthropic Efforts will continue to be made available throughout the 2024 season, and newly opened positions will be posted at, Little League International continues to call on its stakeholders to join together in an effort to shape the future of the program, helping to bring to life its organizational identity and strategic priorities of access, experience, and retention across all communities.