World of Little League® Museum

Thank you for your interest our free printable Lesson Plans. Each lesson plan includes the lesson’s main objective, common core standards, and an activity. They are a great way to get more out of an on-site field trip or one of our virtual field trips, or if you just want to teach the subject material in a new and fun way. The best thing about each lesson is that they are separated into three different levels, Minors (elementary), Majors (middle school), and Seniors (high School) so it doesn’t matter what age group you are teaching — our lessons adapt to fit. We have topics from all the major categories (Science, Math, History, Art, and Language Arts), plus we plan on adding new lesson plans to these categories each year.

We ask that you take the time after you complete the lesson to have your students fill out an “Exit Ticket.” It is a quick one-page questionnaire, that can be printed out or filled out online, so the Museum staff can gather information on how the lessons were perceived and what we may need to improve on in the future.