Rulebook Updates

2019 Rulebook Updates

The following rules, regulations, and/or policies are not included in the current printed version of the Little League rulebooks, however are in effect as of December 13, 2018. Please note that these updates are included in the eBook versions.

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Clarification: Little League Baseball® Tournament Player Eligibility for League Age 11-Year-Olds

Regular season participation in Little League Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division to provide additional eligibility in 9- to 11-Year-Old Tournament

After receiving inquiries from Little League® volunteers, the Little League International Tournament Committee has clarified Player Eligibility for the 9- to 11-Year-Old Division, permitting any player League Age 11 who participated on an Intermediate (50/70) Division Baseball regular season team, to be eligible for selection to a 9- to 11-Year-Old Division tournament team. As outlined below, players with amateur status, who have participated as an eligible player in 60 percent of the regular season games by the start of Tournament Play in their respective District, with the exception of the school baseball season, will be eligible.

“Little League International relies on direct communication from its volunteers in order to work together to enhance the Little League program for all participants,” said Pat Wilson, Little League International Tournament Director. “Through this clarification, leagues have more flexibility in providing tournament experiences for their league age 11-year-olds.”

The following will be updated on and is in effect immediately for the 2019 Little League International Tournament. Please note that this information will not be updated in the print or eBook versions of the Little League Baseball Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Operating Policies:

Player Eligibility – Players are eligible for Tournament Play, provided they meet the criteria established by the Little League “Residency and School Attendance Player Eligibility Requirement,” “Player Participation In Other Programs,” and the following: 

9- to 11-Year-Old Division – Any player League Age 9, 10, or 11, with amateur status, who has participated as an eligible player in 60 percent (60%) of the regular season games by the start of Tournament Play in their respective District, with the exception of the school baseball season, on a:

  1. Little League Baseball (Major) Division team, or;
  2. Minor League Baseball team, or;
  3. Intermediate (50-70) Division Baseball team.

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Operating Policies


Divisions: All divisions of Baseball, Softball, and Challenger

Synopsis: Updates number 5 in the Code to address compliance with federal, state, and local laws, as well as the use of racially insensitive, derogatory, or discriminatory marks or words.

5. Little League is committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and requires all of its chartered leagues to do the same.  It is our policy to recruit, hire, train, and promote individuals, as well as to administer any and all personnel actions, without regard to race, color, religion, age sex, sexual orientation, national origin and ancestry, marital status, status as a disabled or Vietnam Era Veteran, or status as a qualified handicapped individual, in accordance with applicable law.  Furthermore, Little League prohibits the use of team names, mascots, nicknames or logos that are racially insensitive, derogatory or discriminatory in nature. Little League requires all chartered local league programs, volunteers as well as regular employees to comply with the policies outline above.  Disciplinary action to address violations of the policies outlined above will be determined in the sole discretion of either the Charter Committee or Little League management, as applicable.