Each local Little League® program works hard to  achieve its goals throughout the year in accordance with Little League Baseball and Softball’s official rules, regulations, and policies. To provide guidance and assistance with managing the operations of any given local league, there are abundance of resources and materials that are accessible in hard copy, printed form.

These six resources can be used to educate and inform volunteers, and improve the way your league communicates and operates throughout the year.

Parents’ Guide to Little League

The Little League experience begins with registering your child in a local league. And, to make understanding Little League easier for parents, the Parents Guide to Little League touches on the majority of specific operational and on-field characteristics of the program.


Tee Ball Parents Guide

The newest Little Leaguers® are often the youngest. The same is true of the parents, who are the next generation of local league volunteers. To welcome both the players and parents into Little League, the Tee Ball Parents Guide explains what to expect in the first season of Little League.


Residency Eligibility Checklist

Annually, local leagues register children to play Little League where they live or go to school. The Residency Eligibility Checklist provides parents and legal guardians, and local league officials, with a simple guide to the documents that Little League uses to determine if a child is lives or attends school within a league’s boundaries.


Operational Guide to Local Little League Programs

Each year, the local leagues makes a series of decisions regarding its operations and management of their community-based program. The Operational Guide to Local Little League Programs, offers direction on how local leagues can plan and organize their annual calendar.


Marketing and Registration Templates

The Local League Resource Guide is delivered to local leagues and contains an abundance of information and material designed to assist with the annual responsibilities of the local league. Marketing to raise funds; and Registration to procure players, are crucial to a league. These ready-made templates were created to make it easier to promote the local league.


League Operation Downloads

Local leagues are encouraged to use the materials and information available in the Local League Resource Guide. Among the electronic resources are several downloadable documents and items that can help with executing much of the business that is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.