With a wide variety of activities and organizations seeking the participation of youth in your community, it is more important than ever for your league to take advantage of opportunities to raise its visibility in the community. Every year, there are a number of events and activities that every league can take advantage of to raise program awareness.

In all activities in which your league participates or hosts, take advantage of the ability to use the Little League® name with your league name. In a recent survey of parents, more than 99 percent responded that they had an awareness of Little League and recognize the mission – developing good citizens and the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play – of the Little League program. Tapping into this recognition will help drive awareness of your league’s offering.

Throughout the year, there will be a number of events that can be used to raise community awareness for your league. Below are some examples of events and activities available to most leagues.

Opening Day Ceremony

A successful opening day celebration brings a community together while highlighting all aspects of your Little League.

Community Events

Most communities host a number of events that provide opportunities for local organizations to highlight their efforts in the community and gain interest from families and businesses. Choosing to participate in these activities allows your league to build goodwill and raise awareness in the community.

Some Events to Consider Participating Include:

  • Parades
  • Community Days
  • Holiday Activities/Events

Promoting Tournament Participation

Your league’s participation in the Little League International Tournament provides an opportunity to promote a benefit only available to baseball and softball players that choose to participate in your program. When done effectively, this can be a good way to attract players to your league who would like to participate in future seasons.

When Promoting Tournament Participation Consider:

  • Sending a press release to community media outlets regarding tournament team selection
  • Sending tournament results to community media outlets
  • Promote participation via social media
  • Hold Little League World Series viewing events to encourage interest in the game