Umpires Set for 2022 Little League® Baseball and Softball West Region Tournaments

2021 West Region Umpires
Umpires from the 2021 West Region Tournaments

The volunteer umpires for the 2022 Little League Baseball® Mountain, Northwest, and West Region Tournaments and the 2022 Little League Softball® Northwest and West Region Tournaments, set to take place at Al Houghton Stadium at the Little League® West Region Headquarters Complex in San Bernardino, California, have been announced.

Below is the listing of volunteer umpires who will take the field this summer, along with the state and district that they represent:

Little League Baseball Mountain, Northwest, and West Region Tournaments (August 6-12, 2022)

  • Dean Butler (California District 62)
  • Adam Carlson (Washington District 9)
  • Michael Crockett (Oregon District 7)
  • Terrence Han (Oregon District 6)
  • David Kramer (Oregon District 5)
  • Walter Madden (California District 47)
  • George McCarthy (California District 14)
  • John Perretta (California District 33)
  • Eric Quinney (Wyoming District 1)
  • Marco Rosen (California District 2)
  • Marc Schneider (California District 6)
  • Parker Shibuya (Arizona District 5)
  • Mark Teagle (California District 44)
  • Jason Wetherford (California District 71)

Little League Softball Northwest and West Region Tournaments (July 23-29, 2022)

  • Eric Anderson (Oregon District 7)
  • Jason Becker (Washington District 1)
  • Christopher Cunningham (California District 6)
  • Steve DeGraeve (Arizona District 12)
  • Norman Downing (California District 4)
  • Michael Golebiewski (Washington District 1)
  • Sean Rogers (Oregon District 3)
  • James Rose (California District 4)
  • Robert Thompson (Washington District 4)
  • Art Valdez (California District 21)

Volunteer umpires are one of the most important aspects in the success of local Little League programs around the world and play a pivotal role in the experience of all our players throughout the Little League International Tournament. As a way to continually develop these volunteer umpires throughout the year, Little League International offers a variety of digital training and educational resources available on, a bi-monthly Fair Ball Newsletter, access to the free Little League Umpire Registry, and formal training through Umpire Clinics and Schools around the nation.

In addition to the Region Tournament umpires listed above, the 2022 Little League World Series umpires were also announced earlier this year.