Two New Members, One Returning to the Little League® International Board of Directors

Incoming Board of Director Members (L-R): Kevin Kvame, Eric Pearson, Kristian Palvia, and Hugh E. Tanner (Board Chairman)

During its annual fall meeting in November 2019, two new members were elected to the Little League® International Board of Directors and one former Board member was approved to return to the Board as a replacement Field Director.

Joining the Board as the newest Regional Field Directors will be Kevin Kvame (Canada Region – Alberta District 1) and Eric Pearson (Southeast Region – Florida District 12), succeeding Corinne G.L. Chow (Vancouver, British Columbia) and Dwayne Tuggle (Amherst, Virginia), respectively, who have concluded their four years of service on the Board.

Full Board of Directors Listing

In addition to the two new members, former Board of Directors member and Advisory Board member Kristian Palvia (Europe and Africa Region – Sweden District 1) has been approved to return to the Board for a one-year term to replace John Boyd, who has concluded his service as a District Administrator in the Little League program.

“On behalf of the Little League Board of Directors, I would like to thank Corinne, Dwayne, and John for their commitment and dedication to our Board these last few years,” said Hugh E. Tanner, Little League International Board of Directors Chairman. “As we continue to grow and develop our program, we are looking forward to the great experience, knowledge, and expertise these two new Board members will provide to our organization and are proud to welcome Kristian back to serve as the Field Director for the Europe and Africa Region for the next year of service.”

Outgoing Board of Director Members (L-R): Dwayne Tuggle, Hugh E. Tanner (Board Chairman), Corinne G.L. Chow, and John Boyd

Kevin Kvame (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada)

Kevin Kvame has been volunteering in the Little League program for the past 35 years, including service as a District Administrator for the last 24 years and three years as an Assistant District Administrator. An executive of Little League Canada for 25 years, Mr. Kvame has attended seven Little League Congress events and has served as the tournament chair for the Junior League Canada Region Championship and other regional and divisional championships over the last decade. Along with his experience at the district level, Mr. Kvame has also spent three years as a League President, three years as a manager, and two years as a coach. Outside of his Little League experience, Mr. Kvame also serves as the President and CEO of Under the Lights Sports and Entertainment Inc., and has also been a member of the Lethbridge Sports Council and the Lethbridge Sports Bid Committee.

Eric Pearson (Bradenton, Florida)

Eric Pearson has been involved with the Little League program as a dedicated volunteer for the past 22 years, including 12 years as the District Administrator and two years as an Assistant District Administrator in Florida District 12. The President of the Florida District Administrator Association, Mr. Pearson has also served as a League President for three years, manager for eight years, and coach for four years while attending four Little League Congress events. Along with his experience in the Little League program, Mr. Pearson has served as an Operations Division Manager for the United Parcel Service for the last 35 years.

Kristian Palvia (Skovde, Sweden)

Kristian Palvia served on the Board of Directors from 2012 to 2016 and has also been a member of the Advisory Board. Mr. Palvia has been involved with the Little League program since 1996 and in 2004, accepted the position of Secretary General of the Swedish Baseball and Softball Federation. In 2005, Mr. Palvia was elected as a District Administrator and has served in that role ever since, earning elevated positions on both the Advisory Board and Board of Directors. Upon notice of the upcoming vacancy for the Europe and Africa Region Field Director, Mr. Palvia agreed to fill the position for the final year of the term until a new District Administrator could be elected for a new term in 2020.