Little League® Receives 2023 Pitch In For Baseball and Softball MVP Award

Thanks to its ongoing support and significant equipment donations to Pitch In For Baseball and Softball (PIFBS), Little League® has been named the recipient of the 2023 PIFBS Equipment Donor MVP Award.  

Throughout the 2023 season, Little League International donated more than 4,000 pieces of equipment including helmets, baseballs and softballs, and training aids to PIFBS while also conducting outreach campaigns to its local leagues in an effort to encourage additional donations. 

Naming Little League as its first-ever strategic partner in 2005, PIFBS has remained committed to reducing barriers of entry into the sport and promoting youth development by providing equipment directly to leagues and community organizations around the world. For nearly two decades, Little League has worked with PIFBS to provide baseball and softball equipment to youth athletes both in the United States and around the world who want to play but lack the equipment. As part of its efforts in 2023, Little League also worked with PIFBS through the DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation Sports Matter Equipment Grant program, which provided local leagues and families with the resources they needed to play Little League each year.  

In addition to receiving its own MVP award, Little League also congratulates one of its own graduates and current member Athletes Unlimited (AU) Pro Softball, who was recognized by PIFBS for her significant contribution to the organization as the Softball Ambassador MVP. Aleshia Ocasio, a graduate of Conway (Fla.) Little League, chose PIFBS as her AU Athlete Cause in 2023, donating more than $4,800 to PIFBS.  

Over the past decade, PIFBS has helped more than one million children get on the field across all fifty states and in more than 110 countries internationally. To learn more about Pitch In For Baseball & Softball, and how you can donate to support other Little League programs around the world, visit 

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