Little League® New Educational Initiative, The Basics, Aimed to Help Those New to the Game

Being a part of the Little League® program for many families has been something that has been passed down through the generations, but for some of today’s parents, coaches, and fans, it’s a brand-new experience. To help those who may be new to Little League, or even to the game of baseball and softball completely, Little League International has launched a new educational initiative called “The Basics.”

Learn the Basics

“Being a part of the Little League program has helped families around the world come together and remain active both physically and within their community for more than 80 years. In today’s fast-paced world of busy schedules and numerous options, we wanted to ensure that even those adults who never had the chance to be a part of Little League as a child can now support their own children’s experience first-hand with the proper help, guidance, and education along the way,” said Nick Caringi, Little League Senior Director of Operations and Education. “The Basics is an easy way to understand the games of baseball and softball, all while learning what it means to be a part of the Little League community. We are looking forward to welcoming in new parents, coaches, and fans to this organization and hope this program will help give them the tools they need to share their experience with others.”

The Basics Skill Development Series

Through digital resources available on and, The Basics shares the very fundamentals of the game, from learning how to run the bases and throw a ball to understanding the basic language of the Little League program. In addition, readers are encouraged to submit their questions as well as their experiences to help other new members as they navigate through introducing children to the game and those in their first year in our program.

In addition to all the resources available at, Little League also provides all of its parents and volunteers with an abundance of resources on Little League University, the home of Little League’s free educational content that includes video tutorials, best practices, explanations, webinars, and more. For more information, visit