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Mom of the Year Award Winners

The Little League Mom of the Year was created to recognize those mothers who have volunteered countless hours to their child’s participation in the Little League program. Their singular motivation is that their children have the opportunity to learn the value of teamwork, fair play, discipline and enjoy the excitement and fun of summer days on a Little League field.

Award Winners

  • 2017 - Stephanie Moore

    Central Greenbrier Little League (Lewisburg, W.V.)

    stephanie moore

    In the Central Greenbrier Little League of Lewisburg, W.V., one mom stands out above the rest. Stephanie Moore has been involved with the league that her three children play in as a team mom, coach, treasurer, and more. Ms. Moore’s dedication to making sure all Central Greenbrier Little Leaguers have a fun and rewarding experience is why Little League International is proud to recognize her as the 2017 Little League Mom of the Year. What makes Ms. Moore’s commitment to Little League the most remarkable are her responsibilities outside of the league. Ms. Moore is employed full time and is a full-time student as well. Her husband, Donnie, works out of town, so Ms. Moore is at the ball field on her own six out of seven nights a week. Her tireless hours contributing to the Central Greenbrier Little League are what make her a clear choice for Mom of the Year.

  • 2016 - Nancy Newton

    Tomball Little League (Tomball, Texas)

    nancy newton

    Serving as President of the Tomball (Texas) Little League, Nancy Newton, has put in a countless amount of time and effort to improve the Little League experience for the children in her community. She is involved in everything from raising money for upgrades to the local parks, to picking up trash and fixing signs at the end of the day, to even stepping in and volunteering as an umpire when needed. From big renovations to small gestures, Mrs. Newton represents the best of what Little League has to offer, and she was honored for her efforts with the 2016 Little League Mom of the Year Award.

  • 2015 - Michele Manahan

    Napa Little League (Napa, Calif.)

    Michele Manahan

    In the world of Little League®, having support at home is important to a child’s success and experience. For a Napa (Calif.) Little Leaguer Nicolas Manahan, his mother, Michele, is the model of a supportive Little League parent.

    Michele Manahan is so supportive that Nicolas nominated her for the 2015 Little League Mom of the Year Award.

    “I think my mom is the most amazing mom ever,” said Nicolas in his nomination for his mom. “That is even what it says for my mom’s contact in my phone.

  • 2014 - Betsy Wilson

    Orange Little League (Orange, Calif.)

    Betsy Wilson

    Juggling the busy schedules of a family of six can be challenging. However, Elizabeth (Betsy) Wilson looks at this task as the joy of motherhood. For the commitment to ensuring her children have meaningful Little League® experiences and for her dedicated volunteer work, Little League Baseball and Softball has named Mrs. Wilson the recipient of the 2014 Little League Mom of the Year Award.