Community Heroes

Volunteer and Player Recognition

In Little League®, everyone has a position to play and it’s the more than one million dedicated volunteers who help make the Little League experience so memorable in communities all over the world. From first responders who take time to drive the fire truck in your Opening Ceremonies to the dedicated teacher who spends time volunteering in your concession stand each summer, every Little League program has a community hero who helps to inspire Little Leaguers® and rally the community together.

Submit A Nomination

Help us recognize those community heroes who not only support your local Little League program, but also serve as tremendous role models within your community by submitting a nomination. Based on the nominations received, Little League International will recognize a number of these individuals on its official social media platforms (@LittleLeague) and leagues are encouraged to share these stories on their platforms as well using #LLCommunityHero.

Community Heroes

  • Brittany Bennett

    Brittany Bennett
  • Jamie Borden

    Jamie Borden
  • Mike Harper

    Mike Harper
  • Grosse Point Farms-City Little League

    Grosse Point Farms-City Little League
  • Lindsey Schneider

    Lindsey Schneider
  • Tom Skull

    Tom Skull
  • Dr. Eric Snyder

    Dr. Eric Snyder
  • Lisa Ballard

    Lisa Ballard Community Heroes
  • Wayne Loving

    Wayne Loving Community Hero
  • Rich Arndt

    Rich Arndt Community Hero
  • Carolyn Taggart

    Carolyn Taggart
  • James Beckum

    James Beckum
  • Joe Patterson

    Joe Patterson
  • Marge Sabathia

    Marge Sabathia
  • Peter McFarland

    Peter McFarland
  • Rich Ealy

    Rich Ealy
  • Rolland Slade

    Rolland Slade
  • Dwight & Iris Raiford

  • Tony Richardson