Quite often, making parents aware that their opinions matter, and that there is an evaluation process focused on how your Little League® services its players, volunteers, and the community ensures the Board of Directors will strive to make the program the best it can be. As a member of the local league’s Board, it is important to annually evaluate the league’s overall organizational health.

The parents of the children in your league are the best and broadest source of feedback. By giving the parents a voice in the operation of your league, you engage their attention and empower them to take a level of responsibility for the program they have chosen for their children.

Evaluating Your Local Little League:

  1. Define your league’s major goals, using your mission statement as a guide.
  2. Write and widely distribute to all parents, coaches, players, and umpires a one-page document listing these goals and telling people you will survey them at the end of the year to see how well the organization did.
  3. Conduct surveys as promised, tabulate responses, write and distribute widely a report summarizing survey results and steps the Board of Directors will take to ensure progress toward achieving the desired culture for your league.