The District Administrator may appoint assistants and/or area administrators. However, responsibility for overall administration of the district may not be delegated, and the authority of the Assistant District Administrator cannot supersede that of the District Administrator.

Assistant District Administrators should have served in a local Little League, preferably as a League President, although this is not required. Experience should include exposure to all facets of the local Little League® operation. He/she should be a resident of the district area. He/she must have sufficient time to devote to multiple district activities, including attendance at district meetings and Leadership Training Seminars.

If the district has more than one assistant, one position must be designated to serve in the absence of the District Administrator as acting D.A. All assistants should attend a seminar during their first year as Assistant.

Although duties can vary within districts, all assistants should be charged with a specific area (geographically) to assist local chartered leagues in:

  1. Carrying out their mission of service to a geographical area.
  2. Adding extension programs (all baseball programs, softball programs and Challenger Division) in their assigned areas.
  3. Developing and implementing training programs for umpires, managers, and league officials.
  4. Promoting Little Leagues in all non-chartered areas of the district. This is a primary function of every assistant.

Assistant District Administrators are appointed by the D.A. to serve the District. They should include: secretary, umpire consultant, treasurer, training officer, safety officer, information officer and individual assistants as needed to help leagues with specific divisions of play. Committees should include: treasurer, membership, training, safety, information, activities, community participation, public relations, leadership, secretary, softball, and volunteer screening.