Each year, typically in the fall, local Little League® programs holds their annual meeting and election for the positions on their Board of Directors. The Board of Directors sets the tone for your entire program, and ensuring your election runs smoothly can get your league’s season off to a good start.

Here are five things that your league leadership should do prior to your Board election meeting:

  1. Define and identify your membership as outlined in your constitution
  2. Have the League Secretary maintain and update the list of current members
  3. Begin to identify those interested and willing to serve on the board. The Nominating Committee should typically do this a month before the meeting
  4. Send a notice of the meeting to all members (personally, electronically, or by mail) as outlined in your constitution before the required number of days before the meeting
  5. Members in good standing can obtain an absentee ballot from the Secretary

Many of the items that take place during this process are clearly defined and outlined in each league’s constitution. It should be referenced and reviewed prior to the annual meeting.