The first item to remember when making appointments of managers, coaches, and umpires is ALL managerial, coaching, and umpiring positions are annual.

No manager, coach, or umpire has any tenure whatsoever, regardless of the years of service.

There are no qualifications required to be a manager, coach, and/or umpire within a local league. However, all board members, managers, coaches, and other volunteers or hired workers who provide regular service to the league and/or who have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams must annually complete the Little League® Volunteer Application and provide a government-issued photo ID. Additionally, the league is required to conduct a background check on each of these individuals that meets Little League standards.

The league may also have a separate application to become a manager, coach, or umpire. This can be common for managers as leagues want to make sure those individuals are willing and able to uphold the values of Little League and of the local league itself.

Little League requires a five-step process for selecting individuals to fill volunteer positions:

  1. Application
  2. Background Check
  3. Interview
  4. Reference Checks
  5. Exclusion of Certain Individuals

After the screening of candidates, completion of the volunteer application and subsequent background check that meets Little League standards is completed and passed, the individual may be eligible for appointment within the league.

Managers, coaches, and umpires should not be appointed/approved and must not assume any duties until after a background check that meets Little League standards is completed and passed.

With a completed and passed background check, the League President may appoint managers, coaches, and umpires at his/her discretion. Exception: Coaches new to a particular team cannot be named until after the draft.

The final step in the appointment process is for the Board of Directors to approve or disapprove each appointment.

No person can manage, coach or umpire without the League President appointing and the Board approving that appointment.

If an individual is not re-appointed or re-approved as a manager, coach, or umpire for the coming season, the League President and/or Board of Directors does not need to give a reason to a person. The same procedure applies for new, first-time applicants.

After the appointment process is completed, the league should send individuals to each education and training event that is offered by the Region office or district staff. Each manager, coach, and umpire should also be expected to utilize for additional education.