Your league has called the Annual Meeting of the Members, what should you expect?

The Annual Meeting of the Members is a great opportunity for the local league Board of Directors to discuss key issues within the league, distribute important information regarding the league, and vote on new board members. In doing this, the league maintains transparency by keeping members informed on the status of the league.

There are five important components that should be addressed on a yearly basis with the members of the league at your annual meeting.

  1. Review of the condition of the league: The League President or designate shall present the overall condition of the league. This will include the updates on all property and/or equipment owned by the local league. The status of any completed, ongoing, or future projects the league has planned should also be discussed.
  2. Financial report for the league: A financial report should include a general summary of funds received and expended by the local league for the previous year, the amount of funds currently in possession of the local league, and the name of the financial institution in which such funds are maintained. This should be prepared by the League Treasurer with the assistance of the league’s Audit Committee.
  3. Review of membership: The list of persons who have been admitted to regular membership in the local league during the year, as defined by your league’s constitution, should be reviewed and recorded at the annual meeting. This updated list of members will help in establishing what is required for a quorum.
  4. Review the league’s constitution and bylaws and revise if needed: Each year, the Board of Directors should review the league’s constitution and bylaws. In most years, the constitution will not be changed, while bylaws are more likely to be amended year to year. The Board of Directors of the league must amend and approve any changes made before they can be adopted. If changes are made that impact the operation of the league in such a way that the general membership needs to be informed, do so in a clear and comprehensive manner.
  5. Election for members of the board of directors: Each year, the members should determine the number of Directors to be elected for the ensuing year and elect such number of Directors (there should not be less than seven). Once the Directors have been elected, they will meet to elect Officers of the Board.

An Annual Meeting of the Members is required to take place each year according to the local league’s constitution. The local league’s constitution outlines when the annual meeting will take place and what is required of the annual meeting. Article V of the Little League® sample constitution covers everything about the Annual Meeting of the Members.