The “C Position – Runner on Second, Third, or Bases Full” Mechanic is used by the Base Umpire when there is a runner on second base, third base, second and third bases, or the bases are loaded. The intent is for the umpire to be positioned in front of, or ahead of, the lead runner in order to see a play on the lead runner. When a ball is batted fair on the ground, or in the air, to the outfield, the umpire is to move into the infield grass to gain a clear view of the ball, runners, and bases.

The base umpire is responsible for making the call on all plays on the bases, including third base.

If you have not watched the “The Hands-On-Knees Set,” “A Position – The Pivot,” and “B Position – Runner on First Base” mechanic videos, you may want to do so prior to watching this video. At the completion of this video, you should be able to be in proper position and properly execute C Position mechanics according to Little League Standards.