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The Official Shoulder Patch

Operating Policies and Position Statements

The Little League Official Shoulder Patch is the only recognized identification which sets a Little Leaguer apart from all other children who play baseball and softball. The patch symbolizes the affiliation with the Little League program and a reminder of the mission of promoting sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork, and physical well-being for the millions of Little Leaguers around the world. The Official Shoulder Patch affixed to the uniform prevents confusion in public identification, especially in news images that reference Little League programs. Little League International has established a new, unified patch that reflects all levels of the program. This patch, which matches our new Little League logo, can be used, regardless of the division of play, on your league’s uniforms, including umpires. “Rocker patches” that can go above the new patch for all divisions and roles will also be available, for those who wish to add those distinctions to your uniforms. If your league still has patches that have been previously purchased, you do not need to replace those patches, and limited quantities of our previous patches are still available, while supplies last. Additional information can be found at LittleLeague.org/Patch.

Use of the Official Patch is mandatory for all divisions of Little League for both regular season and tournament play.

2022 softball patch left shoulder sleevePatches worn centered on the left shoulder sleeve. Rulebook - Baseball PatchPatches centered over left chest on sleeveless style.

Patches are worn centered on players’ left shoulder sleeves, or centered on the left chest of sleeveless jerseys. The Umpire patch is worn 4″ below the left shoulder seem on the left sleeve. The Umpire jacket patch is also placed on the left sleeve, 4″ below the shoulder seam.

NOTE: Screen-printing, sublimation, or reproduction of the Patch in any form is not permitted and is a violation of trademark rights. Any abuses should be reported immediately to Little League International at [email protected].