Things to Know from Little League®: August 2017

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Each month, Little League® International is providing a quick look at important information and events for the month ahead. We invite you to review and share with your colleagues and friends. Another great resource for keeping up to date on Little League’s latest training and educational efforts is Little League University. Designed for volunteers, league and District Administrators, coaches, and parents, this free website is a wonderful portal for experiencing and learning about the Little League.

Tune In to Watch Little League on the ESPN Family of Networks

The ESPN/ABC Family of Networks will broadcast a total of 140 Little League World Series games in 2017, including all 32 games during the Little League Baseball® World Series in Williamsport. For the full schedule of events, including where you can tune in to watch each of the games, visit

#ThisIsLittleLeague Shares Heartwarming Stories from Around the Nation


Launched this August, #ThisIsLittleLeague is a series of video features and other content available on Little League’s official web platforms, and, that shares the deeper meaning of what the Little League program is all about. From heartfelt features surrounding the Little League World Series and Regional Tournaments, to local league stories from around the United States, #ThisIsLittleLeague will provide fans an inside look at how the Little League program impacts all of its members, from parents and players to league officials and administrators.

Little League Teams Up With ONE Softball

To support Little League International’s continued effort to provide free, educational resources for parents and volunteers, Little League Baseball and Softball has teamed up with ONE Softball to provide inspirational and aspirational content for Little League Softball® players, parents, and coaches. The content provided to Little League by ONE Softball will feature a series of video resources from well-known softball players and coaches that will be shared across all of Little League’s digital platforms, including LittleLeague.orgLittle League UniversityLittle League’s electronic newsletters, and all of Little League’s social media platforms.

Important Reminders for Local League Operations

Many local league seasons may be over, but there are still a large number of important things that your league should be considering this month, and some resources from Little League University to help guide the way. For these tips, as well as additional information, be sure to visit and continue to check out the Little League Bulletin Board in the Little League Notebook each month.

Continue To Provide Regular Season Opportunities, Even During Tournament Action

As we close in on the Little League World Series, local leagues do not have to finish their regular season activities all together. As the season comes to an end, local leagues are encouraged to plan for end-of-season special games and begin conversations amongst your members about potentials postseason opportunities like Second Season.

Understand What’s Coming from The USA Baseball Bat Standard in 2018

With the implementation of the new USA Baseball Bat Standard in 2018, Little League International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information. The landing page, found at, includes the latest bat information, current Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats, definition of terms, the moratorium on the use of composite bats, and a series of frequently asked questions, with answers and licensed bat lists. Any additional questions can be sent to [email protected].

Find New Ways to Promote Little League Registration and Increase Awareness

It’s never too early to starting thinking about your next Little League season, and the summer and fall, in the window when your league is done playing but the fun memories from a successful season are still fresh in everyone’s mind, is a great time to get a jump on registration for the next year. There are plenty of fun waysto promote your local Little League, and share the variety of reasons why being a part of the program can be an influential part of a child’s life.