Team Hosts Set to Welcome Little League Baseball® World Series Participants

One Team. One Little League.

With the 2021 Little League Baseball® World Series (LLBWS) set for August 19-29, a group of dedicated volunteers known as “Team Hosts” are gearing up to make sure all the players, coaches, and managers have an unforgettable time in Williamsport this summer.

Each year, Team Hosts are instrumental in making sure everything behind the scenes is taken care of for each of the 16 participating teams during their time at the LLBWS, from coordinating laundry and meals to handling media requests and scheduling practices.

“Year after year, the Little League Baseball World Series provides hundreds of children with an experience like no other, but none of that would be possible if it wasn’t for the dedication, commitment, and support that our volunteer Team Hosts provide,” said Patrick W. Wilson, Little League Chief Operating Officer. “From veteran hosts who have come back for decades, to a group of newcomers joining us this year, every one of these volunteers plays an important role in making the Little League experience memorable for our participants, and we are incredibly thankful for everything they do.”

Traditionally, Team Hosts have been paired up directly with a specific team for the duration of the tournament, but for the 2021 LLBWS, these volunteers will assist in a variety of different roles to ensure a safe and memorable experience for all the participants.

Below is the full listing of 2021 LLBWS Team Hosts, along with their total years of volunteer service (including this year) in parentheses:

  • Doug Alexander (16)
  • Matt Burrows (2)
  • Ryan Cioffi (1)
  • Marlin Cromley (22)
  • Lou Cromley (2)
  • Lynn Datres (20)
  • Chuck DeLuca (6)
  • Jamie Foster (3)
  • Jamie Flick (1)
  • Ron Frick (18)
  • George Girio (33)
  • Joe Girio (23)
  • Stan Helt Sr. (16)
  • Jim Kriner (18)
  • Denny Loner (22)
  • Chris Long (1)
  • Mike Lundy (12)
  • Josh Lupacchino (8)
  • Pete Lupacchino (28)
  • Scott Metzger (12)
  • Lee Miller (20)
  • Mike Miller (6)
  • Frank Missigman (16)
  • Larry Missigman (29)
  • Terry Parker (3)
  • Bill Pearson (2)
  • Tom Rachael (22)
  • Van Ransom (16)
  • Walt Reed (2)
  • Cherie’ Rogers (3)
  • Chris Rogers (2)
  • Bruce Sechrist (17)
  • Rick Smith (11)
  • Rob Stetts (1)
  • Jeff Tompkins (10)
  • Gary Weaver (23)
  • Willy Weber (14)
  • Gary Whiteman (5)
  • Carol Zyssett (20)

In total, the 39 volunteers combine for 486 years of service as Team Hosts and hope to share that experience with each and every player and volunteer that makes the trip to Williamsport in 2021.

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