Six Innings with UGA Quarterback and LLBWS Graduate Jake Fromm

Jake Fromm

For most freshman quarterbacks, playing college football on the biggest stage could be intimidating, but University of Georgia standout Jake Fromm is not your ordinary true freshman. For Mr. Fromm, life on the big stage came six summers earlier on national television as he helped lead his Warner Robins (Ga.) American Little League team to the 2011 Little League Baseball World Series in Williamsport, Pa.

In 2017-18, Mr. Fromm recorded an impressive freshman campaign that culminated in a 54-48 win over the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2018 Rose Bowl as he finished 20-of-29 for 210 yards and a pair of touchdowns. With his appearance in the 2018 Rose Bowl, Mr. Fromm joins Matt Cassel (NFL QB/USC – 2003 Rose Bowl/1994 LLBWS) as the only two Little League Baseball World Series graduates to play in both the LLBWS and the Rose Bowl.

Following his exciting campaign, Little League International had a chance to catch up with the quarterback about his experience playing in Little League as a kid. Here is Six Innings with UGA Quarterback Jake Fromm:

First Inning: Looking back at your experience at the LLBWS, what are your favorite memories?

“I remember the experience was incredible – hitting those home runs in a crowded stadium was really memorable for me. One of the other big memories came during the down time, playing ping-pong with the team from Japan. It was definitely an experience that will always mean a lot to me because it happened at such a young age, playing a game I love with all my hometown buddies.”

Second Inning: How do you think your experience playing on the big stage in Williamsport has helped you throughout your football career?

“I think it has definitely helped. It puts you in those pressure situations and opens you up to playing on TV and in front of a big crowd. It has definitely helped me playing football on the big stage because you’ve already been there. You’ve been through it, you know what’s going on, you know what it’s about, and you just get to go out and play the game you love.”

Third Inning: What advice would you have for this year’s LLBWS participants?

“Just enjoy the experience and soak up every single minute you have. Take it all in, and at the end of the day just go out and have fun.”

Fourth Inning: What does it mean to join Matt Cassel as the only LLBWS graduate to also play in the Rose Bowl?

“It’s awesome. We can have our own ‘Special Club’ that only him and I have only done. It’s awesome for us to be able to play baseball when we were younger and come out and play a different sport now that we’re older.”

Fifth Inning: What impact did your Little League team have on the community?

“It was incredible. Little League is huge in my hometown and it’s something that we loved to watch and play growing up, so to be a part of that was huge.”

Sixth Inning: Why is it so important for kids to get involved in Little League at a young age?

“Kids develop so many skills from Little League as far as learning life and learning how to work as a team. At the end of the day, you’re going out, having fun, and playing with your buddies in front of your friends and families.”