Little Leaguers® Past and Present Shine at the 2022 Musial Awards

Each year, moments of sportsmanship from on and off the playing field are honored at The Musial Awards in St. Louis, and during this year’s event, a current and former Little Leaguer® were recognized for their inspiring actions.

Musial Moment: Isaiah Jarvis’ Hug Goes Viral

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Musial Awards/St. Louis Sports Commission

During the 2022 Little League Baseball® Southwest Region Championship, a scary moment at the plate turned into a viral and heartwarming memory when Isaiah Jarvis was accidently hit in the head by opposing pitcher, Kaiden Shelton. Able to get up and take his base, Isaiah noticed that Kaiden was emotionally distraught from the hit-by-pitch and ran over to console him with five memorable words – “Hey, you’re doing just great” – and a hug that would be remembered all tournament long.

The moment, which is a pivotal example of sportsmanship that is displayed in local Little League games all season long, became a viral sensation that was shared to families all around the world. While Isaiah’s team did not go on to win that game and earn the trip to Williamsport, the duo of Isaiah and Kaiden had a chance to meet back up during the 75th Little League Baseball World Series in August, spending time with the Baseball Hall of Fame president, attending the MLB Little League® Classic together, and sharing a ceremonial first pitch prior to one of Kaiden’s games.

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Mutual Musials: Brett Phillips Inspires Chloe Grimes

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Musial Awards/St. Louis Sports Commission

A graduate of Seminole (Fla.) Little League back in the early 2000s, Brett Phillips has taken the life lessons learned from his Little League career through his entire MLB career, and most recently has served as an inspiration for a young softball player, Chloe Grimes. A member of the Tampa Bay Rays at the time, Mr. Phillips was Chloe’s favorite player on the team and fell in love with his motto – “Baseball is Fun” – a motto that holds true for Little Leaguers of every age around the world.

This inspiring duo first met at a Rays game when Chloe was honored as the Tuesday’s Champion with the Children’s Dream Fund following a relapse of cancer and threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Mr. Phillips. After surprising Mr. Phillips with a good luck wristband, a softball, and note following her first pitch, Chloe took the stands with her mom where they were interviewed in the third inning about the moment – simultaneously enjoying a magical moment as Mr. Phillips blasted the longest home run of his career. Following the game, Mr. Phillips signed the home run ball and surprised Chloe at her house to present it, later going on to also help pay for her medical bills and spend time with Chloe and her family on a fishing trip. Understanding the importance of life lessons learned through the game of baseball and softball more than ever, Chloe and Mr. Phillips have been an inspiration to each other since the moment their paths met in April.

Out of the heartland of America, a unique and important tradition of celebrating extraordinary sportsmanship has been established. Since 2005, the nation’s best sports have come together in St. Louis for the Musial Awards, the most important awards in sports. Named for Baseball Hall of Famer Stan Musial, the Musial Awards recognize the year’s greatest moments of sportsmanship and honor those in sports who embody class and character. Mr. Musial was a longtime friend of the Little League program and was instrumental in the development of the Little League European Leadership Training Center in Kutno, Poland, where a stadium is named in his honor. The 2022 Musial Awards will be aired on CBS on Saturday, December 24 at 5 p.m. ET. To learn more, visit