Little League® MLB Postseason Bingo

bingo card image

The Major League Baseball (MLB) Postseason is in full swing, and this is a perfect opportunity to sit with your Little Leaguer® to watch the game they love, and have some fun at that same time with a creative game of MLB Postseason Bingo!

It’s easy to set up. All you have to do is draw out or print bingo sheets (like this handy Little League version) that have five vertical columns and five side-to-side rows for a total of twenty-five blocks in the game square. Instead of putting numbers in the blocks, though, here are 30 phrases, words, references, and scenes common to a MLB game. Each time one of those is mentioned or shown in the broadcast of an MLB Playoff game that you’re watching as a family, mark off the square, or for some more fun, put a coin, sunflower seed, or Halloween candy over the block. For a complete schedule of the MLB Postseason, visit

Print out enough Bingo cards for everyone, fill in the spaces based on the list below (or create some of your own), and be sure to scramble them up on each sheet. No two sheets should be identical.

1. Mention of Little League® by a broadcaster
2. Mention of broadcast legend, Vin Scully
3. Great play made by a Little League alum
4. A batter for the visiting team hits a homerun
5. A batter for the home team hits a homerun
6. Teammates exchange a celebratory high five
7. They show a kid eating a hotdog
8. Kid holding a sign supporting his or her team or favorite player
9. A batter for the home team hits a double
10. Foul ball caught cleanly by a fan
11. Double play
12. Ball boy or girl tossing a foul ball to a youngster in the stands
13. Stolen base
14. Strike out
15. Bunt
16. Supporting a teammate who struck out or made an error
17. A pitcher strikes out all three batters, in order, in one half inning
18. Intentional walk
19. Player leads off the inning with a base hit
20. Passed ball or wild pitch
21. Show a celebrity in the stands
22. Mention of a postseason record
23. First hit of the game
24. First run of the game
25. Pick off a runner
26. Caught stealing
27. Player or coach laughs, smiles, or jokes with his teammate
28. Walk-off hit
29. Diving catch
30. Base coach talks to a runner

After someone wins, exchange or create new cards, and start another game. This is a great opportunity to further bond with your son or daughter, and brings some added entertainment to watching the game they love to play with a fun, family twist. Bingo!