Little League® Looking for Coaches, Parents, and Volunteers to Share Their “Tee Ball Tales”

Top submissions will be featured in the 2017 Little League World Series Programs.

tee ball players

Starting in December 2016, Little League® launched a digital campaign known as “Tee Ball Tuesday” that highlights the Fun, Fitness, and Fundamentals of the Little League Tee Ball Program. As part of the campaign, Little League is asking parents, coaches, and other volunteers to share their “Tee Ball Tales.”

Stories of all varieties that exemplify the importance of Fun, Fitness, and Fundamentals of the Little League Tee Ball Program will be accepted, from entertaining first-hand experiences by a Tee Ball Coach to a parent’s story about their Tee Ball player’s first team and everything in between. If interested in sharing your story, or have an idea to share with Little League, click Submit Tee Ball Tale below or use #TeeBallTales and #TeeBallTuesday on all your social media platforms.


Little League’s favorite submission(s) will have a chance to be featured in the 2017 Little League World Series programs and will be shared across Little League’s official social media platforms.