Little League® Leads the Way in the New Pitch Smart Compliance Program

A leader in youth sports safety, Little League® International has been identified as one of the only youth baseball organizations in full compliance of Major League Baseball and USA Baseball’s Pitch Smart compliance program.

Announced on Friday, April 10, the new Pitch Smart compliance program is designed to assist the public in identifying the organizations that have adopted Pitch Smart guidelines and principles. The compliance classifications are two-tiered, with organizations being identified as in “full compliance” or “select compliance.”

After several years of research, in 2006, Little League became the first youth baseball organization to establish pitch count limits, with guidelines set for different amounts of pitches and days rest for different age groups. Both Little League’s pitch count regulations and the Pitch Smart program directly benefited from the insight and expertise of Dr. James Andrews, notable orthopedic surgeon and a member of Little League International Board of Directors, and his colleague, Dr. Glenn Fleisig.

“Safety has always been a priority of Little League, and for nearly 10 years, our pitch count regulations have helped provide a healthier baseball experience for millions of children around the world,” said Stephen D. Keener, Little League President and CEO. “We are proud to work with Major League Baseball and USA Baseball on the Pitch Smart program and continue to educate players, coaches, and parents on the importance of arm safety.”