Little League® Diamond Leader Discussions: Sarah Preiss-Farzanegan

California District 54 Assistant District Administrator Sarah Preiss-Farzanegan joined the Little League® program as a volunteer in 2018 when her son first signed up to play. Though his time with Little League ended, Ms. Preiss-Farzanegan continued her service.

Ms. Preiss-Farzanegan was elected to her local league’s Board of Directors as the Safety Officer in 2020 where she served until September 2023. Now, Ms. Preiss-Farzanegan continues her work as an A.D.A for California District 54, working with 12 local league programs in the district to help implement each league’s safety plan.

Recognized as the January 2024 Diamond Leader of the Month as part of the Girls with Game 50 Celebration, Ms. Preiss-Farzanegan recently shared her experience in a Diamond Leader Discussion:

From your experience with the Diamond Leader Training Program, why do you think it is important for not just coaches, but for all volunteers to take the training?

“The Diamond Leader Training Program is something where if all the adults involved in the program have taken this training, then they would all have similar skills and understand when they see what the coach might be doing, they think ‘Oh okay, I remember that from the training,’” said Ms. Preiss-Farzanegan. “The end goal is to create this supportive team environment, and I feel like when everyone involved is at the same level and has the same expectations and goals, then it becomes a more effective program and positive experience for all of the players involved.”  

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Little League Softball World Series. What does the Girls with Game 50 celebration mean to you as a female playing an active role in the program?

I am really looking forward to celebrating 50 years. I have seen the girls game struggle, evolve, and grow to succeed across all sports,” said Ms. Preiss-Farzanegan. “So, I think recognizing the people who have contributed to that and celebrating their achievements and contributions will inspire all our youth athletes to continue to do these great things, push the boundaries, and think outside the box.

What does it mean to you to be a Diamond Leader?

“Being a Diamond Leader means that we are all working together for this common goal, the reason we all volunteer which is to give back to the community, use skills for something good, and provide a really great experience for youth athletes,” said Ms. Preiss-Farzanegan. “Seeing the power that youth sports have to teach kids these life lessons that they can use later on in life and to provide them with these really special moments, memories, and relationships that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives that is the pinnacle of being a Diamond Leader.” 

The Little League Diamond Leader program, which was first piloted with nearly 1,000 Little League volunteers throughout the 2022 season, was created as part of the Susan Crown Exchange’s Million Coaches Challenge and developed in coordination with the Aspen Institute’s Project Play. Focused on ensuring children have a positive, well-rounded experience on and off the field, the Little League Diamond Leader Training Program is a FREE educational resource that provides coaches with an understanding of the impact that mental, social, and emotional well-being has in youth sports through detailed information, interactive scenarios, and a variety of additional resources.


NOTE: The Little League Diamond Leader Discussions is a piece of the #GWG50 Celebration in 2024, with interviews of select Girls with Game who have completed the Little League Diamond Leader training program and exemplify their learnings at their local fields. To learn more about this initiative, visit The #GWG50 celebration is proudly supported by DICK’S Sporting Goods, a long-time Little League partner that is committed to creating opportunities for girls and women in sports and will be activating around key events and milestones this year.