“Good Luck!” Messages to Little League® Grads from the Programs That Made Them

The 2018 Major League Baseball postseason is here and along with that comes the opportunity for kids from around the world to watch former Little Leaguers® from their hometown chase their World Series dreams. The local Little League® programs featured below put their best video, and in some cases, gymnastics, forward to support their favorite alumni and their teams.

Aruba South Little League

Xander Bogaerts grew up playing Little League in Aruba and even played in the 2009 Senior League World Series in Bangor, Maine, just a few hours north of the city that he now calls home as the Boston Red Sox shortstop. These Aruba South Little Leaguers, on the aptly named Xander Bogaerts Field, wish him and the Red Sox luck with an awe-inducing video.

Pariba Little League

Little Leaguers for Pariba Little League in Willemstad, Curacao, have a host of alumni playing in the postseason this year and you can believe they’re keeping tabs on every single one.

From rookie sensation Ozzie Albies and the Atlanta Braves to…

…2004 Little League World Series Champion Jonathan Schoop, they wanted to make sure all of their heroes felt the love from the island of Curacao…

…even the Dodgers’ own Kenley Jansen. These kids have plenty of role models and are surely hoping to be just like them one day.

Willimantic Little League

The Cleveland Indians may have lost in the ALDS, but Rajai Davis had an entire city behind him throughout the entire postseason. Willimantic (Conn.) Little League showed how much they wanted to make sure Mr. Davis got their message by recording in what was clearly less-than-ideal weather. The Indians’ outfielder made it clear how much he appreciated the message…

Eastdale Little League

Eastdale Little League, home of the Houston Astro’s Alex Bregman, didn’t just say good luck, they put on a show. The league from Albuquerque, N.M., put together a series of gymnastics moves and even held up championship banners that Mr. Bregman helped their league capture when he played there.

Eastern Little League

“Make em swing and miss Walker!” cheered the kids from Eastern (Ky.) Little League. Walker Buehler, who spent some time with the local league’s players during the All-Star break, grew up in the Eastern Little League program and still keeps in contact with his old league’s Board of Directors.

Tujunga Little League

Tujunga Little League is located just outside of the sprawling grid of Los Angeles, so it’s no surprise this league’s movie magic was some of the best. In a video shot for New York Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton, the league’s current players wished good luck to their former player in his postseason debut from the field he once called home.