The Call: An Inside Look at the Journey to Becoming a Little League Baseball® World Series Umpire

Little League® joins Mike McCullough on his journey from a local league volunteer umpire in Florida to selection as one of 16 Little League Baseball® World Series umpires in Williamsport.


For Little League® volunteer umpires around the world, the dream of coming to Williamsport to serve as an umpire at the Little League Baseball® World Series (LLBWS) is often times one of the highest goals, and for 16 qualified men and women each year, that dream becomes a reality.

As an appreciation for their time, dedication, and commitment to the organization, Little League spent the summer alongside one of this year’s LLBWS umpires, Mike McCullough, to share the experience of an umpire’s journey from the local league all the way to Williamsport, in a three-part series known as “The Call: A Volunteer Umpire’s Journey to Williamsport.” The series, hosted on, will be displayed throughout the month of August as Little League follows Mr. McCullough throughout his journey and reflects on what the experience means to its volunteers.

In the first part of the series, “Getting Local,” Little League joins Mr. McCullough at Pinellas Park (Fla.) National Little League where he shares his story about how he first got involved as an umpire with the Little League program and why Little League is so important in his life.

During the second part of the series, “The First Look,” set to launch in mid-August, Mr. McCullough looks back at that moment when he found out he was selected as an umpire for the LLBWS and documents his first experience stepping on to the Little League International Complex in Williamsport for orientation.


Finally, Mike’s dreams become a reality as he proudly puts on his uniform and steps out onto the field of Howard J. Lamade Stadium for the final segment, “The World Series.” Set to launch following Championship Weekend in late August, the final segment brings Mr. McCullough’s journey full circle as he reflects on his time in Williamsport and talks about what the experience has meant to him.

Appointment as a member of the umpiring crew for any of the seven Little League World Series tournaments is the highest honor that Little League can bestow on a volunteer umpire. For more information on the umpires for this year’s seven Little League World Series tournaments, as well on details on how to be selected for this opportunity, visit