In the March 1955 issue of the Little Leaguer, New York Yankees Legend Yogi Berra discusses the importance of taking time to learn the game of baseball from every aspect, as well as the importance of playing multiple sports.

Berra spent much of his career behind the plate, but always took the time to learn and appreciate the game in various roles as player, manager, and coach.

  1. If you want to become a good baseball player, you must play the game. 
    “Play any place you get a chance because you can learn about the game any place you play, and you can have fun playing all positions.”
  2. Build your stamina and speed by playing other sports.
    “I built up my legs playing soccer during the winter. My running speed has helped me in lots of ways,” said Berra.
  3. You can ALWAYS learn more about this game.
    Berra said: “I found out some things about the game I didn’t know before.” He knew it was important to learn from his peers, even if he had to learn a technique from scratch.