The Little League®  International Tournament Player Verification Form is required for each player participating on a Little League® International Tournament Team. The Tournament Player Verification Form is a tool to help leagues and districts save time throughout the verification process.

When a player is selected to an International Tournament team for the first time, the league should complete a Tournament Player Verification Form for that player. The following information will be needed to complete the form:

  • League Name and League ID
  • Player Name
  • Player Date of Birth
  • A Birth Certificate or Other Approved Proof of Age Document
  • 3 Proofs of Residency (1 proof each from Groups 1, 2, 3) or 1 Proof of School Attendance
  • Any Applicable Waivers (II(d), IV(h), Charter Committee)

Once completed, the proofs of residency or school attendance must be attached to the form.  A parent or legal guardian of the player, the League President, and the District Administrator must all sign off on the form verifying that the information provided is true and accurate.

Once approved, the form may be used by the player for the duration of his or her Little League career; however, if the player moves outside of the league boundaries a II(d) form is also required, while a change in school attendance would prompt an updated form be completed. If there are no changes, it is not necessary to submit a new form for subsequent selections to an International Tournament team.

Local leagues and the parents of the player are to keep a copy of the completed form.