Nina Johnson-Pitt, Little League Senior Strategy Executive and former Central Region Director, provides direction and explains the protocol for local league officials, district administrators, and tournament directors in the event that a protest is lodged during a Little League® International Tournament game.

The procedure for processing a protest situation begins at the game site. If an instance arises whereby a manager wishes to lodge a protest, the first step is to notify the Tournament Director, who will in turn, contact a representative at the Region Headquarters.

The final step is to have the protest heard by the Little League® International Tournament Committee in Williamsport, Pa. The expediency of the Tournament Committee’s decision is directly dependent on the nature of the protest. Once the Tournament Committee renders its decision, it is binding and cannot be altered in anyway, but there is always an option to appeal the ruling.

A protest may be heard by the Tournament Committee at the manager’s request and he/she cannot be dissuaded from elevated a protest to this level.