The Little League® International Tournament: Umpire Submission Form

**2022 International Tournament Umpire Consideration Form will be available starting on Wednesday, October 20, 2021**

Tens of thousands of baseball and softball games are played every summer in the annual Little League® International Tournament, highlighted by region and World Series events.

For each of those games to be played, a crew of umpires is needed. Like each of the players on any tournament team, umpires practice to hone their skills and understanding of the game. Their intent is to do the best they can to fairly and effectively officiate the game. And, for umpires, making it to a Region or World Series tournament is a great achievement in their Little League careers.

Little League umpires are committed to upholding the mission of Little League, by giving the children an opportunity to participate in a competitive and fun athletic experience.

While umpires are vital at every level of the Little League International Tournament, the expectations of the volunteers committed to officiating Region and World Series Tournaments are extremely high. To be considered for one of these appointments, the choice is made by the umpire to begin the application submission process, which, beginning with the 2020 season, must be done electronically through the Little League Umpire Registry.

To begin the process, become a member of the Umpire Registry by entering the portal and joining. The Registry is free, and the first step toward applying for consideration to be placed in a Region or World Series tournament. Any applications submitted by any other manner will not be accepted, and all applications must be made through the Umpire Registry to be considered. All applications must be submitted by November 22 to be considered for the next year’s tournaments. Umpires selected will be notified in the winter of their appointment.

Here is a step-by-step presentation of the Tournament Umpire Submission Form:

1: Edit Profile Information

New Umpire Registry members are asked to create an account profile. Current members will be prompted to edit and confirm their account profile information.

umpire submission form screenshot

2: Background Check Confirmation

After choosing to complete the Tournament Application from the Umpire Registry home page, each umpire must consent to submitting answers specific to the completion of a national criminal background check. This process includes an electronic approval/signature using the name as shown on the required photo identification.

3: Tournament Assignment Selection

It is the decision of the umpire to request consideration for either a Region and/or World Series assignment. Both options are available, and can be requested for the same year. Previous experience at either of these levels is also considered.

4: Request Tournament Assignment(s)

By division of play, each umpire will be asked to identify what Region and/or World Series assignments he/she wishes to be considered for. Multiple boxes can be checked.

5: Identifying Tournament Experience

After selecting the different tournaments to be considered for, the umpire will be asked to provide a resumé of experience. Please, check the division of play and include the year(s) of Region or World Series tournament participation.

6: Training and Education

A prerequisite for placement as a Region or World Series Umpire is training at a Little League umpire training clinic, either at the Regional Center or Little League International.  Check the box and identify when and where you received your most recent training.

7: Years of Service

Choose from the drop-down how many years you have volunteered as a Little League umpire and identify if you have ever had a break of service. Once you have answered each of the questions, review to confirm you have provided all of the required information, then submit the application form. You will receive a “Thank you” message confirming delivery of the form. Your Regional Center and District Administrator will receive the form for review and consideration.

**2022 International Tournament Umpire Consideration Form will be available starting on Wednesday, October 20, 2021**

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