Each year, the International Tournament is an exciting time in Little League®. Children and their families begin to experience traveling to games with other members of their community in an environment that brings out the best competitive spirit. And with that increase in travel and experience, many local leagues also find themselves in need of additional fundraising support.

While it is assumed that local leagues may have operated the program in a fiscally transparent manner during the regular season, increasing transparency of the local league tournament operations to families, volunteers, and community membership is paramount.

Predicting Tournament Expenses

It is highly recommended that leagues formalize their approach to participation in the International Tournament during the fall, as they plan for their next season, including estimating expenditures and proposing potential reimbursements to families for tournament-related expenses. Tournament expenses should be calculated alongside the potential expenditures that benefit all participants during the regular season. Leagues need to refer to their constitution for guidelines for financial management.

As the tournament is only benefiting a select group of individual players, leagues should carefully consider expenditures and ensure the Board of Directors votes accordingly. This includes, equipment purchases, travel accommodations, and reimbursement to the players and coaches that may be requested during a tournament run.

Leagues should outline such considerations in the Bylaws, including how money will be raised and used on specific expenditures, and follow such guidelines as the tournament approach. It is recommended, whenever possible, leagues should re-use equipment as a best practice to keep the financial burden of tournament play as manageable as possible.

Leagues may also consider setting up a specific Committee, comprised of the League President, local league Board Members, Managers / Coaches, or other Members to specifically oversee the Tournament financial and fundraising efforts. The ad hoc Committee would report to the Board of Directors and Membership, as well as serve as a point of contact for any potential inquiries from donors, sponsors or the media.

Administrative Fees for Tournament Participation

At the start of the International Tournament, each league is assessed a $300 entry fee per tournament team enrolled at the Little League, Intermediate (50/70), Junior League, and Senior League divisions of play. The Tournament Entry Fee for the 8- to 10-Year-Old and 9- to 11-Year-Old divisions is $150. Little League International uses the funds raised through these fees to help offset the direct financial assistance that Little League International gives to leagues for teams advancing to Region and World Series tournaments.