Parents can learn about Little League® Baseball and Softball by reviewing the Parent Orientation Program. This program serves as an introduction to Little League and a parent’s role. However, it would be useful for local leagues to branch out from that program and create its own program that is specific for the local league.

A league is encouraged to introduce its own Orientation Program through a printable booklet or in-person events prior to the season.

When a league chooses to conduct an in-person Orientation Program it will determine the content to cover. Using a printable booklet will allow for more information to be included, as long as it is produced in advance of league activities. Posting the Orientation Program materials on the local league website is another effective way of sharing this information.

No matter the process you use, if your league is looking to develop its own Parent Orientation Program, here are some suggested topics to be included.

Operation of the League

  • League’s Constitution
    • Copies available in some manner
  • Board Meetings
  • League Membership
  • The District and its role

Director Overview

  • Who holds which position
  • Contact information
  • Short biographical information

Bylaws & Ground Rules

  • Their role
  • How separate from Constitution
  • Copies available in some manner


  • Income needed to cover expenses
  • How fees and prices determined
  • Financial management steps in place

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Various ways to exist
    • Concession Stand
  • Committees
  • Tournament(s) and event(s)


  • How league updates are shared
    • Weather changes and cancellations
  • Website and social media
  • How parents address concerns

Safety Program

  • Safety Plan
  • Lightning safety
  • Complex rules for safety

Divisions of Play

  • Goal of each division
  • Fall/winter seasons

League Events

  • Special Games
  • Tournaments

What is needed to participate

  • Uniform
  • Equipment

Parents Code of Conduct