With player registration comes many questions from parents and fellow volunteers. Little League® has a boundary option to its Regulation II (d) form which allows children to play in the local league where they go to school.

The whole purpose of playing Little League is to have fun, so the decision was made to add this option so that children can play with their friends.

In addition, the “Returning Volunteer” application is available to those individuals returning to your league who were approved for volunteer service last season. This form is simpler and does not require a social security number, but will allow the proper background checks to be completed.

Here are answers to some of the common questions you, or your Board Members, may have about school enrollment option:

Why was the rule changed?

With a changing educational landscape, this new rule gives parents the option to register their children for the Little League that is truly most convenient to the family, and further enhance the role of community with the classmates of Little Leaguers® and their families. We have been receiving requests from parents around the nation to allow their children to play for the league where they go to school and with their classmates. We’ve already been approving many of those requests. This gives that opportunity to all Little League families now.

How does this impact my league?

It greatly depends on where the schools are located in your area. The biggest thing to remember is to educate your community about the new rule prior to registration, if possible, to make sure that every child and family in the community has the best Little League experience. For many, this will strengthen leagues because it will offer more opportunities for kids to play Little League Baseball® and Little League Softball® with their friends, and give families more reasons to get involved with local leagues.

Does this change impact the everyday family?

It will give all families and children more opportunities to play within their communities and make Little League more convenient for the entire family. It also lets children play with their friends and classmates, enhancing the overall Little League experience.

Are you worried about leagues being able to stack their players?

What we want to ensure is that every child gets the best overall experience. Depending on the situation, and working with District Administrators and league leaders, Little League will work to make sure leagues remain competitive and Little Leaguers get the best opportunities available to play baseball and softball.

Has this change hurt small leagues?

Depending on registration numbers, some smaller leagues may be impacted. In general, if a league is successful, if children and families are enjoying the experience, if Little Leaguers are playing with their friends and classmates and if the league remains a convenient option for parents, the league won’t be overly impacted by the new rule. If a league or district has concerns, please contact your region office and walk them through your questions. We’re here to help.