The Tournament Eligibility Book – commonly a binder of some sort – contains a collection of forms and documents that are required by Little League® International, specific to each player on the tournament team roster.

In the time between the selection of a league’s International Tournament team(s) and its first district tournament game, the local league is responsible for completing a tournament affidavit using the Little League Data Center, and preparing a book of eligibility materials that is initially reviewed by the local league and verified by the District Administrator.

Each of the forms and documents are reviewed by the Tournament Director at every level of play in the International Tournament. The information affirmed using these various forms and documents is designed to corroborate each Little Leaguer’s regular-season participation and eligibility to participate in a forthcoming tournament. This book is to travel with the team to each tournament site and be made available to the Tournament Director for review before the team plays its first game in that tournament. The following pieces of documentation need to be inside the book at the time of verification, and throughout the tournament season:

  • Tournament Affidavit. The affidavit is automatically generated as a part of the online Tournament Affidavit process through the Data Center.
  • A signed boundary map by the league president and District Administrator, showing the actual boundaries of the league, with locations noted for the residences of the parent or legal guardian (court-appointed) or location of the school for every participant named on the affidavit. This map is automatically generated as a part of the online Tournament Affidavit process.
  • A tournament verification form for each player listed on the tournament affidavit. These forms are automatically generated as a part of the online Tournament Affidavit process.
  • Three or more documents to determine residency of the parent(s) or legal guardian (court-appointed) or a document to support school attendance/enrollment for each player named on the tournament affidavit.
  • Verification of a valid birth certificate. Please note that while original birth certificates must be verified by each District Administrator prior to the start of tournament play, copies of birth certificates do NOT need to be carried with each player’s information.
  • Any waivers [i.e. II(d), IV(h), Charter Committee, etc.]

Each team’s eligibility book is to be returned by the Manager to the League President at the completion of that year’s Tournament. The forms and documents are kept on file by the league, because many are able to be used to establish the eligibility of players who are selected to a tournament team in a future season(s).