The International Tournament is the culmination of the Little League® season for local Little Leagues across the United States, and the world. Each league has the choice to enter tournament teams within divisions of play offered by the league during the regular season.

There is no official end to a local league’s season. The schedule of games is decided by the local league, as is the decision to enter teams in tournament play.

The Little League Baseball and Softball Tournament, 8- ,9- and 10-Year-Old Division Baseball and Softball Tournament, 9-, 10- and 11-Year-Old Division Baseball and Softball Tournament, Intermediate (50-70) Division, Junior League Baseball and Softball, Senior League Baseball and Softball Tournaments are authorized by the Little League International Board of Directors.

For players to be selected to these teams they must meet the eligibility requirements outlined by Little League, and all games are played under Little League Tournament Rules for that division of play and authority is vested solely in the Tournament Committee at Williamsport, Pa. All protests and issues must be resolved through the Chain of Command, which includes the respective Regional Office and the Tournament Committee. There are no exceptions permitted for any condition of the tournament.

Special Games events are those that typically involve 7 and 8-year-old teams. These tournaments/events are conducted through an application of special games that is submitted by a league or district prior to the event with authority starting and ending at the district level (or appointed Tournament Director). The Tournament Committee and Regional Offices have no role or authority within these tournaments/events, which includes resolving protests and issues.

Special Games events may also include tournament teams starting June 1, but even if the events include tournament teams before, during or after tournament play for that team, the authority still starts and ends with the appointed tournament director.

Special Games events do not have a set eligibility for selection of players prescribed by Little League (but may be set by district or state) and may be played under regular season rules, tournament rules, or if approved by the Regional office, a mix of each or alterations to either set.

Each league must determine a method of selection for its International Tournament teams, but if it wishes to set a selection method of special games teams, it may differ.