Once tournament team selections (all-stars) have been made, it’s time to practice and get ready for the Little League® International Tournament! Leagues, managers, and teams need to understand what is permitted and what is prohibited. Similar to Tournament Team try-outs and selection, May 15 is the official date when all-star teams may begin practicing but June 1 is when teams can begin playing Special Game tournaments.

Many managers may choose to conduct practice as usual coordinating stations to fine-tune skills, but Little League also offers some additional options and flexibility. First, teams may practice against or scrimmage other Little League teams within the same or contiguous districts, within the same division of play (i.e. 8-10 vs. 8-10, 9-11 vs. 9-11, 10-12 vs. 10-12, etc.), so long as teams are not in uniform. This allows teams and players to work on game situations and practice against live pitching. Managers should involve all players from their team within this learning and practice environment.

Additionally, Districts or leagues may organize a Special Game Tournament with other Little League teams. Special Game tournaments may utilize regular season or tournament rules, but not in combination. Teams would be able to wear uniforms; however, a league wishing to schedule a Special Game tournament must complete and submit the appropriate Special Game form and receive permission prior to the tournament starting. Special Games are governed by the District Administrator or appointed Tournament Director.

Lastly, Little League tournament teams are not permitted to enter and play non-Little League sanctioned events or against non-Little League teams in or out of uniform. Please ensure that the league, Board of Directors, and all managers and coaches understand Regulation I(g) and Regulation IX.