The following information includes the process for filing a crime claim if the league is enrolled in the Crime Insurance for the current season.

  1. Put in writing a short narrative of what took place; include the date of loss and the date of discovery.
  2. Attach a police report including the phone number and address of the police department so that the insurance carrier can correspond with them.
  3. Attach proof of ownership and proof of value of those items stolen. This can be canceled checks or cash receipt. If the items were donated, please obtain the value from a retailer. If the loss was sustained by a volunteer embezzlement, then you can do an in-house audit, and provide a copy when submitting your claim.

Written notice shall be given at your earliest practicable moment, and in no event later than 180 days after such discovery. Within 60 days after written notice is provided, but not to exceed 240 days after discovery, the insured shall furnish affirmative proof of loss with full particulars. Please do not wait for a police report if you don’t already have it. You can send that later and provide to our office any information you may have at the time of loss.

The deductible on the Crime Policy is $250 for property and $1,000 for money and securities. The maximum limit of coverage is $35,000 per loss, with no limit on the total for the calendar year.