Through the winter months, even though baseball and softball are not on the minds of people in most parts of the country, local Little League programs and their dedicated groups of volunteers are likely in preparations for the season ahead. Whether it is registrations/sign-ups, getting ready for tryouts and drafts, preparing the fields, attending clinics or just having their monthly Board Meetings, a local Little League program must be sure to apply for their annual charter before the end of the year.

Claims can occur from people being injured on the property used for baseball/softball activities in the off-season to simply someone falling on the property.  Also registration, league meetings, indoor practices/clinics or any other activities away from the actual playing field are also another source of risk for leagues that may not have any direct correlation to the league but could still cause the league to be named in a lawsuit.  If the occurrence happens before the league is chartered and when the league has no insurance in effect, the league has no protection or coverage to respond to such a claim.

For those leagues that are enrolled in the group insurance programs provided through Little League, the coverage will terminate at midnight on December 31.  It is imperative that leagues charter and, at a minimum, pay their annual insurance premiums prior to the end of the current year, so the league can avoid a lapse in coverage.

DA’s must remind their leagues that they have no coverage until they have submitted their charter and paid their insurance premiums in full.  The coverage is structured to be in effect from 1/1 to 1/1, but is based on a league applying for and paying for the coverage before it is in force.

The premium is the same whether the league’s coverage or any district run program is effective from 1/1 to 1/1 or 3/15 to 1/1, so we encourage leagues and districts to take full advantage of the coverage and make sure it is in effect for the entire year.  Leagues and districts should budget accordingly so they have enough funds to cover their insurance premiums to be able to renew their charter/insurance in the fall each year (Oct/Nov/Dec).