Below are a few frequently asked insurance questions and answers that a District Staff and local Board of Directors should be aware of.

When can I expect to receive an application?

The Charter Application and Insurance Enrollment Form are only available online through the Little League Data Center, at: Payment for teams chartered and insurance purchased can be paid electronically by using a credit card or echeck.

What is the deadline for enrollment?

It is recommended that each league apply for their charter and insurance as well as pay their insurance premium in full no later than January 1 of each year.

When does the coverage become effective?

If both the premium and insurance enrollment form are received by Little League Headquarters on or before January 1, the effective date of coverage will be January 1. If the premium and/or enrollment form are received after this date, coverage will be effective on the date that both the premium and enrollment form have been received by Little League International. By waiting to apply and pay the insurance premiums after January 1, a league will have a lapse in coverage between the previous policy expiration and the new policy being in effect. Any claim occurring during the lapse will have no coverage.

What is an additional insured and how should they be listed on our policy?

For an additional premium, a local league may request to include a property owner as an Additional Insured on their General Liability Insurance policy. Most Additional Insured entities are outside interests such as individuals, cities, churches or corporations which may incur liability through the loaning, donating, or rental of that part of their owned premises used by the league. Be sure to list the property owner by their legal name; Example—A league uses a field at XYZ High School for games/practices; the Additional Insured would be XYZ Area School District since they are the legal property owner and not the physical location/name of the field.